Journey to the vast world of Aellion

Discover an open world adventure of epic proportions!

Adventure In Aellion

An ambitious open world adventure RPG with dungeons, puzzles and optional multiplayer co op play

Adventure into the world of Aellion either alone or with friends!
Journey across the land taking on quests, finding hidden treasures and uncover a long forgotten mystery to save the world!

With a number of dungeons and an open world to explore, there is much to see on your adventure.
Use the tools you discover in your travels to traverse the land and push forwards.
A cast of characters, each with their own story to tell.

There are numerous passageways hidden beneath the world of Aellion
Many secrets are hidden behind every corner!
Make sure you bring a sword and shield but nothing beats a friend at your back!

You’ll find many stables across Aellion allowing you to buy a horse and ride across the land, choose wisely though, as not all horses are the same.
Some will be faster, some larger, perhaps there is a pattern you desire or you and your friends want to compete for the best companion.

Some like to go it alone but if you prefer adventuring with friends then you can bring them along in online multiplayer mode.
Team up against great foes, solve complex puzzles or simply enjoy the fun of running around the world together in the co op multiplayer.

Your tools are important to tackle the challenges Aellion will throw at you, both natural and mysterious.
A lantern to help you through the darkness, bombs to clear debris and many more.
Be warned though, many trials await and you’ll want to bring the right tool for the job.